Hello everyone and thank you for visiting this page!

The 'Masters of Weaponry' multigaming clan has died. There have been several fights during the last few months of its existance which in the end lead to many members leaving. Those remaining then decided to put and end to m0w and to start a new chapter in their gaming life.

m0w has been a very well-known and highly respected clan on CoD UO 1.41, proving its skills by winning a lot of scrims and the Haukkasuo Summer Tournament 2007. Some members started to play CoD4 - Modern Warfare so m0w built up a squad there as well.

Times in m0w have been great for me and it was huge fun to play the game with good friends and to see the clan grow, but unfortunately everything has to end one day.

I want to thank all the former members of m0w for the great time we've had together. Never forget!

Urs aka v1cious - Webmaster, Lover & Officer of m0w